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The Australian National Busking Championships™ is an Australia-wide network of busking festivals.

The ANBC celebrates the rich diversity of Australian Music & Street Performance Culture. It was first held in Cooma in 2012, and is now held in 9 locations around the country, culminating in the national finals in Cooma each year where the winner of the grand final is given the title of Australian National Busking Champion along with substantial prize monies.

In previous years, the finals were held on the same day after the Cooma regional event, however in 2022 we have decided to separate the two events. With so many regional competitions producing finalists for the national competition, the national final has grown so much that a seperate event was needed and will be held on 26th November 2022 in Cooma. The winners of each regional competition will be invited to compete for the title of Australian National Busking Champion.


Mission Statement

  1. To enrich communities culturally and economically around Australia by staging regional busking competitions as part of a national network.

  2. To provide a stage for community-based music groups and individual performing artists to present street performance to larger public audiences.

  3. To encourage, mentor, promote and develop career pathways for emerging musicians and performing artists of all ages and all music genres.

  4. To establish an annual music and busking festival in Cooma NSW that is of major national significance.

ANBC Past Title Holders

2020 Australian National Busking Champion

Stitch Duo


2019 Australian National Busking Champion

The Inadequates


2018 Australian National Busking Champion

Haystack Mountain Hermits


2017 Australian National Busking Champion

Geoffrey Williams


2016 Australian National Busking Champion

Mat Brooker


2015 Australian National Busking Champions

The String Family


2014 Australian National Busking Champion

Guy Lilleyman


2013 Australian National Busking Champion

Guy Lilleyman


2012 Australian National Busking Champion

Mike Martin


Some photos from past competitions – click to scroll through

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