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2024 ANBC Stanthorpe results

Congratulations Busking Stanthorpe & the organising committee of the Stanthorpe Apple and Grape Harvest Festival!
What an amazing day at the 2024 ANBC Busking Stanthorpe.
Here are the winners!
Open Category (sponsored by Stanthorpe Apple & Grape Festival)
1st Jahmarley Dawson $1,000
2nd Adam Warren Music $300
3rd Amanda Heartsong Solo Music $200
Secondary School Category (sponsored by Carnarvon Funerals)
1st Noah Robertson $500
2nd Amy Ryan Music $200
3rd Ryon Gibson $100
Primary School Category (Sponsored by Bendigo Bank)
1st Sakura Wright $300
2nd Hannah Marshall $200
Best Band (Sponsored by Solar Blessing)
1st @The Sloan Family Band $500
2nd Bard for Life $300
Best Duo (Sponsored by 4 Ingredients & Sam Fruit)
1st Duane William $500
2nd Terry Dywar $300
Special Judges award (Donated by Apple and Grape Harvest Festival)
Zac Hart $200
Balancing man $200
Andrew Ryan $200
Granite Belt Support Services $200
People’s Choice (Sponsored by Power Tynan)
1st Jahmarley Dawson $700
2nd @Britney Reibet $200
3rd Noah Robertson $100

Check out all the videos from Stanthorpe on our YouTube channel 

Find out about the Apple and Grape Harvest Festival here.

2023 Grand Final_The Winners and more

Congratulations to all the amazing buskers!
A huge shout out to our wonderful sponsors!

The Winners of the 2023 Australian National Busking Championships - Grand Final

The Finale

Ruby Jane – 2023 Open Champion

Rob & Deb Bowen-Saunders

Latin Fiesta Welcome Party

Lucy & Josh

Amy Ryan

Manchild & the Blues Kids with Dicko

The Band from Snowy River

Taylor Moss with Charlotte Rose

The K Brothers

Zara Alice

Will & Annie

Secondary age winners

Thai Dances


Lucey Band at the Finale

Gabi Forman & Deb Bowen-Saunders

Lucey Band workshop at Snowy Discovery Centre


Anabelle van Wyk_with Rob & Deb Bowen-Saunders

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